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Open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday & 8am to 12pm, Saturday.


What do egg or sperm donation treatments consist of?

During the process of managing couples with infertility, there are some situations in which we need to resort to gamete donation (eggs or sperm), either because the male does not produce sperm or has very few and of poor quality or because the woman has a low quantity of eggs, of poor quality or because of her advanced age the usual techniques using her eggs do not give the desired success rates and also in people with genetic diseases where their sexual glands are not able to produce gametes.

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Donor sperm treatment

At FERTICLINIC we have a semen bank where donors are carefully selected following international protocols. The donors are young men, with a normal semen study and with great potential to provide the male factor contribution to the eggs to obtain embryos to be successfully transferred to the uterus. It is also used in women without a male partner who desire the opportunity to become mothers.

Donors must also undergo blood tests to detect sexually transmitted diseases, genetic studies to know that they have a normal karyotype and also undergo a test to detect their status as carriers of rare diseases. They are also evaluated psychologically and undergo a complete questionnaire in search of relevant personal and family pathological antecedents.

The donor sperm is obtained by ejaculation and is subsequently frozen for when it is to be used. With donor sperm we can perform both ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION and IN VITRO FERTILIZATION.

Donor egg treatment

Our center also has egg donors who, like the sperm donors, are young, with a normal egg endowment and who provide the quality that the young age factor of the woman provides to give the highest success rates in assisted reproduction treatments. They undergo the same studies as sperm donors and are also psychologically evaluated.

The egg retrieval process requires that the donor receives a hormonal treatment for approximately 10 days where she is monitored by ultrasound and then the egg retrieval is performed under anesthesia in our operating room.

The eggs can be used fresh, synchronizing the donor’s cycle with the recipient’s, or the treatment can also be performed with previously frozen eggs. Eggs can only be used in in vitro fertilization treatments.

Both egg donors and sperm donors are ANONYMOUS, they will not know the identity of the patients who receive their gametes and the recipients will not know the identity of the donors either.

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Fertility Preservation

Controlling the exact moment of conception and being able to empower herself in her reproduction is of vital importance for today’s woman. For this reason, FERTICLINIC offers both single women and couples preservation treatments:

  • Oocyte Freezing.
  • Embryo Freezing.

There are other cases where there is a need for both men and women to look for preservation alternatives for patients who are going to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. For this purpose, FERTICLINIC offers the services of :

  • Oocyte Freezing.
  • Ovarian Cortex Preservation.
  • Semen freezing.

Advantages of these treatments

The great advantage is that they make it possible to fulfill the desire to have a healthy baby in couples who have little or no chance of having one naturally or with other types of treatment.
In the case of egg donation, a high success rate can be obtained and, in addition, since the eggs come from a young woman, there is statistically less chance of chromosomal diseases dependent on the age of the egg and therefore less chance of miscarriage.

Donor selection is also based on the physical characteristics of those who are going to use them, being able to select hair color, eye color, skin color, blood groups at the time of donor-recipient matching.

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Oocyte Donation Program

Nowadays, the pace of life conditions couples to seek to procreate at later and later ages. Unfortunately, at that time, in many cases the ovarian reserve has decreased to the point that it is insufficient to generate a certain number of oocytes that are capable of increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

In FERTICLINIC this is not an impediment to complete the dream of having a family, through oocyte donation many couples can conceive.

Our Program offers comprehensive safety standards for both the prospective parents and these noble ladies who choose to participate in the program. We pride ourselves in not only taking care of the physical characteristics of our applicants; they are subjected to:

  • Medical evaluations.
  • General health and infectious type laboratory.
  • Genetic Tests
  • Psychological tests.
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